Hahn to Zaev: No elections, you can’t win, bribe VMRO MPs instead


Former Casino Assistant Manager, PhD fraudster and current EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn has a message for SDS leader Zoran Zaev: “No early elections, this is certainly not good, instead do what needs to be done in Parliament with the opposition”.

This is a statement from one criminal to another, the only thing missing from Hahn was “or I will take care of business“.

Hahn strongly suggested to Zaev in today’s climate his chances of winning elections are zero, considering the massive Referendum fiasco where huge majority of the Macedonian population strongly opposed Zaev (the exception being people who did the ballot stuffing). Instead, Hahn encouraged Zaev to seek ways to ‘convince’ 9-10 members of the opposition to switch sides.

MINA finds, the 250,000 euros that were initially offered to MPs for a vote, have now gone up at least ten fold per MP. In fact, fake patriot and DPNE MP Ilija Dimovski pretty much confessed this in a FB post where he stated he will not vote for the agreement, adding rather nonchalantly the cash offered to MPs is now in the millions not the measly 250k as local media reported. Additional $50m at this point is certainly not a problem for Uncle Sam’s printing machine or for London.

Columbia professor and Macedonian patriot Gorazd Rosoklija slammed Hahn’s criminal proposal in a FB post. “What sort of offer except a criminal one can you expect from a person who stole someone else’s Dissertation at the University of Vienna and then wrongly interpreted the results from the stolen work“.

Rosoklija’s statement pretty much sums up the European Union and the imbecile that represents it, Johannes Hahn.

  • Maco

    Criminals supporting criminals. That is what the world has become. We the people are stupid because we let them do it and we let them get away with it. For macedonias sake I hope the macedonian people don’t let the grubs destroy the country (that is any more than they already have). I have always said the only way to get rid of the psychopaths, traitors, criminals and terrorists in the junta government is by force because they never leave willingly.

    • Tony

      Totally spot on Maco
      Force needs to happen

    • Legenda Patriot

      When is the clean up starting? Not soon enough!

  • Golden shekels

    the quirkier the better we get started on this clean up;

  • George

    What’s the use of responding when Disqus edits or doesn’t post comments contrary to the dim wits comments. Annoyed!

  • George

    Imbeciles are not the people who represent the EU or NATO but rather the people like this Columbia prof who talks about stolen stuff & covenently forgets about stolen names, stolen heritages and converting into and interpreting all that Greek heritage as there own. Even the flag is a modified stolen symbol, go figure the rest of it.

    Imbeciles are the people who are opposing this agreement when at this opportunity you have been granted on a silver platter, the right for the people to be called Macedonian, the right for your version of Bulgarian language to be called Macedonian.
    Oh, yes you will be Macedonians of North Macedonia officially. However, you will still be Macedonians. To me, stolen name Macedonians!
    Imbeciles, because you couldn’t come up with something else that represents your own people’s heritage and history.
    Imbeciles because you just held a plebecite ( a non binding referendum) where 40% of intelligent people voted outright for acceptance. 60% didn’t bother turning up, either because they uneducated, or just indifferent or villagers scared off by your scaremongering ideas. Perpetuators of old communist propaganda.

    Keep this sort of rubbish up and don’t be surprised if you get stalled up and divided between Albania ( half of your population anyway) who does want to be in the EU and Bulgaria ( the other half of your population) who is in the EU.

    Wake up!