Head of Skopje prison said he has resigned – but he didn’t


The director of the Shutka investigative prison, Gjoko Kotevski, has not submitted his resignation, as he said he would last Friday, Sitel reports. He said that he was going to leave his position today, at the same time publish the report on the incident in which former Ministers Janakieski and Ristovski were attacked.

He has done neither.

The investigation showed flaws in prison security, and he said he would resign for moral reasons.

Meanwhile, the DPNE accused SDS and the head of the prison stating they coordinated with convicted Kosovo terrorists and aided them in granting them access to the DPNE MPs which should not have happened under any circumstances.

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    I’m fond of non redundant details=like mountains of the authors here on Da MINA like:
    “Meanwhile, the DPNE accused SDS …”