Holocaust-doubting Grandma hunted down by fearless German crime fighters


Questioning the Holocaust can get you in serious trouble in Germany, a country which takes great pride in its democracy.

The German government cares so much about democracy, that it unstintingly supports all of America’s and Israel’s democracy-spreading regime-change wars in the Middle East, often gladly selling the weapons for the butchery to both sides. When millions of refugees flood Europe as a result of those wars, the government then forces its obedient, long-suffering tax-payers to take them in at great expense and considerable danger to their better halves.

Meet Ursula Haverbeck, a numerically challenged octogenarian who goes around telling people she thinks the 6 million Holocaust number is bullticky.

Watch her break German law, right here on YouTube!, as she calmly explains her reasoning in her sweet grandmotherly way that has endeared her to millions:

Grandma Haverbeck is a rather astute self-promoter. Knowing she would be tossed in the slammer for questioning the holiest of holies, she welcomed the fact, knowing it would draw more attention to her arguments. German prisons are really quite comfy, compared to Mexican or Turkish ones.

Then, she pulled a next level PR move, she went on the lam, knowing it would generate yet more headlines. Then, still 2 steps ahead of her foes, once a nation-wide Gestapo-like manhunt was launched, she returned to her living room and cuckoo clocks and calmly awaited the arrival of the Polizei, slyly generating yet more media kerfuffle.

Come on German democracy spreaders and 6 million true-believers!, you are being trounced by this little 89 year old!

German Holocaust denial laws are doing a great job spreading … Holocaust denial! – with a little help from granny Haverbeck.