Holy sheet! Shaolin monk pierces glass with a needle


The ancient Chinese order of Shaolin monks are famous for many extraordinary feats of human endurance and strength. But you might be less familiar with perhaps the most incredible of all – shattering glass with a mere needle.

It may sound impossible, but the Shaolins’ logic-defying move has been captured with a powerful slow-motion camera. Appearing on an episode of the ‘Super Slow Show’ on YouTube, monks clad in the Shaolins’ distinctive orange robes displayed this ridiculous feat in front of a Phantom v2511 camera, which can film at rates of more than 25,000 fps (frame per second).

Master Bruce explains that throwing a needle through glass is one of 72 arts of Shaolin. One of the hardest arts to master, it takes at least a decade of intensive training to get it right. Shaolin master Feng-Fei then steps up to the plate of glass. Concentrating all of his energy to his hand, or harnessing the power of ‘chi’, the monk suddenly flings the needle so hard and fast that it pierces the glass, sending shards flying through a balloon behind and popping it as proof of the feat.