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US Authorities Warn Con Artist called “Volodymyr” is Scamming Dementia Patients

Authorities are warning that a con artist is currently on the loose and scamming elderly dementia patients out...

Moscow outlines what Ukraine needs to do for Peace

Ukraine must remove its troops from Russia’s new regions before any meaningful peace talks can begin, President Vladimir Putin has said.

Sad Dementia Patient and US President Joe Biden Wanders Off G7 Meeting

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline was on show for the entire world at the G7 summit in an Italy Thursday as he randomly...
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DPMNE: Agreement with Bulgaria will be reviewed – Nullified

VMRO-DPMNE MP Dimitar Stevanandzija says in his FB profile that the treasonous agreement signed with Sofia will be reviewed (and nullified) when his party...

German MP: This country is governed by Idiots


Ukrainian MP: Zelenskyy Hiding in US Embassy in Poland

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on March 1st stated that he has not left the country's capital Kiev due...


Who needs Zaev when you got Mijalkov

Mickoski has apparently developed a stuttering problem, probably after realizing he is a head of a political party that's now dead, or at the...
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