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Banana State: Greek trucker beats up Macedonian customs guard

A Greek trucker beat up a Macedonian customs guard and then left the border area and entered Greece. Social media was...

Moscow reveals number of surrendered Ukrainians in Azovstal

A total of 959 Ukrainian troops previously holed up in a steel plant in Mariupol have surrendered this week, the Russian Defense...

Macedonian inflation surpasses 10.5%

Due to the incompetence of the Government, inflation in Macedonia has reached 10.5 percent – a crisis we haven’t had in 30...
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Video: Sometimes a Hurricane brings you a gift

Filmed in Texas during hurricane Harvey.

Husband of Dr. who granted Janeva sick leave got 25k from Janeva

The husband of the director of the hospital in Negorci, who is employed at the SPO, received bonuses of 25,000 euros. This was shown...

NATO splinters: Germany completes withdrawal from Turkey

Several months after an unprecedented collapse in relations between two NATO member states, on Thursday Germany’s military announced it has finished its withdrawal from...


Canadian study reveals autism is highest in areas with the highest...

The surge of autism diagnoses in recent years has left many people looking for an explanation. Oft-labeled a “conspiracy theory,” or something to...
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