Hoteliers to sue ELEM over Ohrid lake water levels


Ohrid restaurant owners and hoteliers will file criminal charges against the competent state institutions if the measures for regulation of Lake Ohrid level are not urgently taken. It is still quite high and is now 18 centimeters above the normal. Hoteliers say that on the threshold of the tourist season they face problems and danger of flooding the facilities that are located on the shore of the lake.

“Not just to file a criminal charge. What we say is familiar to those who are in charge of managing lake Ohrid. But we can not endure the consequences of some reckless and profiteering thinking of any company, whether it is state or private, “said Dimitar Zarchev, a local restaurant owner.

“The entire coast has suffered a complete change in the shoreline itself. Many beaches have been changed, which were also of solid construction, “said Mikhail Mishev-President of the Association of Caterers of Ohrid.