How did one of the Terrorist lose his ear?


As you know by now, all 4 terrorists were captured near the Ukrainian border.

The FSB could have arrested them within 1 hour after the massacre at the Crocus Center, however were ordered to follow them all night and intercept all communications from their phones which resulted in 7 additional arrests.

Most of you have noticed that during the arrest one of the terrorist “lost” an ear. So this is how he “lost” it.
The Russian special ops guy who was detaining the terrorist, during the pat down found his phone. He unlocked it, and started viewing videos. On one of the videos, the terrorist filmed himself how he slit the throat of a civilian who was already shot, but breathing. We all watched that video, and we really wished we didn’t. It was beyond gruesome.

Upon seeing the video, the arresting officer took out his knife, and sliced the ear of the terrorist. He was quickly told to stand down. Few hours later, the knife being visible on the video, was sold out on

Here is the video of the terrorist entering a Russian courtroom on Sunday.