How SDSM & DUI get votes: 20,000 people have multiple State IDs, 100,000 fake birth certificates


The Interior Ministry confirmed reports from Macedonia’s opposition that apart from the passports issued to Narco bosses and islamists worldwide, it also has a problem with dual State ID numbers. The SDSM criminal junta acknowledged the problem, but insisted that this challenge is allegedly old, of a smaller extent and is being resolved.

At a press conference today, DPNE leader Hristijan Mickoski revealed that 20,000 dual numbers were issued, which, he said, is being used for voting irregularities, census and other criminal activities.

What is of greater concern, is the 100,000 fake birth certificates that have been created by the Registry Office where DUI’s Bujar Dardishta is in charge.

An external audit by the State Audit Office (DZR) was done at the Registry Office where nearly 100,000 birth certificates were found to have been issued without an EMBG and serial number. This is a criminal offense punishable by jail. The large majority of these birth certificates were issued in Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, and to a lesser extent in Resen and Prilep.

Spasovski acknowledged that there are dual ID numbers: Sedat Peker obtained an ID card under the name Xhadin Ademovski from Cair in January 2021

The DZR office stated the precise number of fake birth certificates that were issued by DUI’s run Registry Office is 94,451.

University Professor Borche Davitkovski is astounded by this. “What we have here are major crimes. There are two things here, either the Registry Office was issuing birth certificates for free, so no serial number was provided which greatly damaged the state budget. Ironically, this is the best option. The other option is, these could be fake birth certificates issued with false data in them and can be used for God knows, all sorts of criminal activities, from irregular voting in Elections, to fabricating Census, to obtaining fake passports. This is a disaster!” concluded Davitkovski.

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