How the DPNE identifies itself…


DPNE’s HQ has edited their Wiki page…

  • neutrinoz

    One happy family … as long they keep their lil chairs. They can`t keep their shit invisible as it reeks to the moon. Fisherman’s bruises for the public … deep throat for tete-a-tete.

  • V.M.

    Not sure why the DPNE hasn’t fused with SDS, they are the same party.

  • Macedonian Forever

    Anyone who accepts this traitorous behavior should all be ashamed of themselves. Not only do they spit on our buried ancestors but they spit on themselves. Joining NATO and being told you can join the EU is not worth the price. They will all find that out soon.
    My question is, “Is there no one left in Macedonia that will stand up to this junta and conspiring gang of treasonous bastards and do what is needed in the name of honesty and loyalty to ones country”

    • Legenda Patriot

      Exactly my thoughts too. Is there no one left to grind these bastards into the dirt? What a disgusting state of affairs! All these corrupt bastards have lined their pockets at the expense of the total destruction of a democratic country. Never seen anything like it in history. Power to the people is all we can hope for. However how can they rise up against these mongrels when they have had their weapons taken away through a gun amnesty, the army has been dismantled as a condition of “joining NATO” and the honest dedicated police have been replaced with corrupt Albanian terrorists. We are in deep trouble. Until some of these turds start getting wiped out, starting from number one criminal (donkey face Zajko) nothing will happen except further humiliation and destruction of our beautiful country!