How to score cheap points with a fool? Give him a Macedonian pin


While closing the televised debate with Zoran Zaev, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski asked him to accept a pin with the Macedonian flag, inscribed “Republic of Macedonia”.

Zaev constantly dropped the ‘North’ while fake patriot Mickoski mustered the courage to say Macedonia few times. A modern day hero.

Zaev refuses to accept a pin inscribed “Republic of Macedonia”

We are North Macedonia, Zaev told Mickoski while giving him the pin back.
Mickoski put the pin on his jacket…

So things have changed, we went from Macedonian patriots laying their lives for the country when they were in their 20’s and 30’s, to present day when the grandest gesture is putting a pin with the country’s name on your jacket!

Micko announces he will take back the MPs who voted for name change?!

  • Legenda Patriot

    One is a fucking criminal and the other one is fake patriot insulting our intelligence. So they are both oxygen thieves that need to be wasted.

    • neutrinoz

      Oxygen thieves. Like that. Describes dynamic duo zoom in.

  • andrew

    Can you idiots stop calling it Macedonia
    It’s North Macedonia wth a Slavic Langauge of Serbian -Bulgarian Dialect
    On the other hand Macedonia is a Province of Greece tha5 speaks Greek
    Get your facts right you ignorant uneducated clown

    • neutrinoz

      Serbian-Bullgarian dialect? Whadda nebulosis of ignoramus and simpleton. Wish you can speak Macedonian so you can differ something that is clear even to Tatars and Serbs.

      And for your pre school basic education we call ourselves Macedonians long before greeks (who just recently) smuggled in with the same kakaphonia. We actually have Prime Right on calling ourselves Macedonians. Greeks are only recently under fashion of macedonia. Previously byzantine, greece, elada, lemonada …you name it.

      And get the fook out of here if you don’t have basic decency to see yet another historic atrocity. You toptan with yr hysteria and horse eyeblinds.
      PS Редакцијо. Очигледно хозе-тоне-у-нервозe. Нема што, прецизeн ви е тоа кибордот.

    • Mech Kcbear

      U can only hope & wish u were something of Macedonian u nim wit..
      Until the early 1900 when Macedonia was illegal partioned those Macedonian people that are from & have always been lived there for thousands of years generation upon generations in the Aegean ancient capital city of Macedonia always were spoke Macedonian not Greek were not Greek but something that you Greeks have stolen from the rest of us Macedonians, u only popped up in the Aegean when u illegally partioned it with the other jealous cuntz of Macedonia..
      If Macedonia was yours was Greek then why & when did Greek lose Macedonia, u tell me when did Greece lose her to be having to be facing this issue now to be saying trying to claim something of Macedonia now if was if it is Greek u fukn dumb fukks . Fuk off & stop ur propaganda bullshit once n for all