How US sabotage unfolded in Macedonia – a summary


The main Deep State Players:

Philip Reeker (in charge of name change operation in Macedonia, Jess Baily’s boss).

Geoffrey Pyatt (behind Ukraine regime change operation, today oversees Tsipras as US “Ambassador” to Greece.)

Jess Baily (removed from Turkey after organizing protests against Erdogan, recruited and manages Govt officials in Macedonia, reports to Reeker).

How have things unfolded in Macedonia since the US started its regime & name change operation in 2015-:

– Former US “Ambassador” and CIA operative Philip Reeker (stationed in Italy) ordered the wiretapping of Macedonian Government officials, material later to be used to blackmail officials and MPs.
– Jess Baily on Reeker’s orders recruits current Macedonian Government officials.
– To speed up “regime change” operation, terrorist attack in Kumanovo results in the death of 8 Macedonian policemen.
– CIA through USAid finances underwhelming protests which in the public eye are financed by Soros NGOs, however money came directly from Washington.
– Major electoral fraud and subsequent threats results in the installation of Reeker’s recruits in Government.
– USAid contractor writes “Prespa Agreement”.
– Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, a protected CIA asset approves and signs agreement.
– Referendum fails.
– Reeker instructs Baily to begin with arrests and bribery of MPs to start name change push in Parliament.
– CIA through USAid advises and restructures Macedonia’s judiciary where Reeker’s Special Prosecutor Office (SPO) will become the official and only prosecution office.

  • Legenda Patriot

    When do we get our country back and wipe out all these criminal bastards?

    • Dj Gnu

      You will get your country back if you the people go out and become barbaric towards your leaders. All of them, when they hang for the world to see from the tallest trees. Then no one will touch you ever again. Start gather the people…

  • Dj Gnu

    Sorry, you should have think of this long time ago. Now already too late and you have lost your country, history, name, language and just about everything else. You are not even a people anymore, you lost everything. You are nothing but a vanishing little spot in the history. And this is all your fault who are living in a country that was called called Macedonia. You dont exist anymore. Macedonia today only exists in Greece.

    • Liberty

      I look around and see my Macedonian mother & father, my wife and children, my brother, cousins aunts and uncles. We have Macedonian relatives all over the world including Greece. Sorry for the confusion but Macedonians have lost nothing. You see it’s all about perception.. We exist because we are here. You on the other hand have a very different and opposing view. It’s quite alright. We are both born with the liberty to read and interpret things differently. That’s what the principle tenets of the formation of the US are based on. Similar to biblical belief in how to judge people. You however are a small minded person first and foremost for what you have written in your comments, but mostly for reasons that any civilized and educated person in the world would think of you as barbaric for them comments!

      • Dj Gnu

        Hello Liberty

        I may be barbaric and small minded, but i am not pessimistic nor optimistic person but i am a realist and what i described is about what is/has happened in your homecountry. Now you tell me, what have you done to stop this from happening? what has anyone done in that country to stop it? 1.5 million Macedonians against what? 100 idiots that should have been in jail many years ago for treason. You have something to learn from the french people, for you, this is a minute to midnight and then it will be a goodnight for your country. Sadly but realistically.


        Instead of waisting your time responding to my message, you have shown all you do is talk just like every citizen in Macedonia. Kafic and talk is all you do instead of bringing out the people to the streets and hang the traitors.

        • Liberty

          Believe me, if it was up to me the whole country would be better off. For everyone! As for the traitors and the hanging, that is a good start! Further, the reality is that we are small poor country surrounded by enemies. Throw US policy on top of that. There isn’t a place or people in the civil world with the problems that we face. We are outnumbered on all sides. When the Americans stepped in and built the embassy in Macedonia I really thought that we had finally recieved our justice. I feel so bad, as an American of Macedonian decent, I was so exited when I learned of it. Now I want to bury my head in the sand.
          What is wrong with the American policy in Macedonia. What the f$&@ happened. It’s like a bad dream. A nightmare. For all of us!
          We are being led down a dark and gloomy road beseeched with danger. It’s unbelievable! Shocked! It wasn’t suppose to go down like this!

          • Legenda Patriot

            Beautifully said!!!! Could not have put in any clearer language! The traitors have swindled the people and should have been executed many years ago.

  • strav

    Zaev and his cronies needs a few bullets! US embassy needs to be burned down!