Hoyt Yee to Vucic: Be careful so you don’t end up like Sanader, Berlusconi, Schroeder and Gruevski


US deputy assistant to the secretary for EuroAsian Affairs Hoyt Yee, warned Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic that if he continues to defy orders to remove his country from its business and military relationship with Russia, the Serb president will end up like Ivo Sanader, Silvio Berlusconi, Gerhard Schroeder and Nikola Gruevski – reports Serbian media.

The Croatian PM Ivo Sanader (2003-2009) was removed from power on Washington insistence and was later jailed, Berlusconi was removed from power after CIA operatives pretending to be escorts took photos of Berlusconi in lude positions which later helped in removing him from power at a time when Italy’s relationship with Russia and between Putin and Berlusconi saw major improvements.
Gerhard Shoreder was removed from power as a German PM for wanting to have better relationship with Moscow. He was replaced by Merkel.
Nikola Gruevski was forced to remove himself from power during a wiretapping scandal and subsequent witch hunt created by the CIA with assistance from the British and Italian secret service.

Bulgaria was not immune to Washington’s destabilizing influence – two Governments collapsed in Sofia in one year as a consequence of approving the Russian backed south-stream gas project.

Hoyt Yee’s threat to the Serb president (similar was issued to Macedonia’s president Ivanov in December of 2016) is an admittance that the US is the primary source of destabilization in the Balkans.

  • Goran Stavreski

    What do you expect from Hoyt Yee, whose Vietnamese parents worked against their own country before they got kicked out. Also, this douche spent over $15k on escorts in Washington…his character makes him the perfect employee at the State Department.

  • jj

    Well Erdogan is still standing strong. I think Vucic patterns himself an Erdogan-light.

    • Goran Stavreski

      Erdogan is still standing because he has jailed 100,000 people, including people who worked at the US Embassy… everyone who had any sort of involvement with USAid, Soros and his 3,000 NGOs, not to mention thousands in the Turkish Army who were on CIA’s payroll. This is why he is standing stronger than ever, he purged and jailed all the traitors, something Gruevski can only dream about. Of course Erdogan’s character is much stroner than Gruevski’s, that’s an obvious one….