Huge Resistance against criminal Macedonian Government junta – 84% will Boycott Referendum


Latest poll conducted (September 6-18) by UMD shows 84% of Macedonian citizens plan to boycott the upcoming referendum. Despite huge efforts by the Government assisted by their foreign sponsors to force the population to vote in the upcoming referendum though all sorts of media and field propaganda, threats and bribes that’s still ongoing, the latest poll shows 84.6% of the population they are determined to boycott the referendum.

The poll conducted encompasses all ethnicities in the country. Here are some of the questions and the polling results:

Dogs know best…
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  • Legenda Patriot

    That dog needs a medal!

  • Wolf

    Boycott boycott boycott !!!!

  • vistina

    Share this article on all social media platforms and email it to all media and news outlets big or small over the world. Time for facts and not fake news about some “Russian meddling”. That is becoming such a joke and an insult to Macedonians. It is not true that most Macedonians are for a name change which is what the “referendum” and “Prespa agreement” are all about.