Hungarian tourism booming


Hungarian hotels’ revenue has had an outstanding increase this June, according to the latest analysis of the Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants (MSZÉSZ).

Compared to last year, we can talk about a significant increase – 13.3% – nationwide and in the capital as well. Resorts outside of Budapest experienced a growth of 13.2%, while in the Balaton region, hotel earnings increased by 11.3%. Over the first six months of the year, hotel room gross revenue increased by 8.8% (EUR 377.1 million), out of which 35% (EUR 122.6 million) is linked to domestic, while 67.5% (EUR 254.5 million) is connected to foreign guests. On a domestic level, a growth of 6.9% was realised, while on an international level, we can talk about an increase of 9.7%. Total gross turnover grew by 9% ( EUR 656.6 million).

Hungarian hotels have achieved excellent results internationally as well. In the Central and Eastern European regions, Hungary had the second-highest gross revenue per available room (RevPAR) after Austria, followed by the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. In the period of January-June, Budapest occupied the 3rd best place in the ranking of the main cities, following Prague and Vienna, leaving Warsaw and Bratislava behind.

The most important sending countries from where tourist arrivals increased significantly were the following: United States of America (+9.5%); United Kingdom (+7.3%); Romania (+5.5%); France (+5.1%); Israel (+4.4%) – the most important inbound market; Czech Republic (+3.7%).

This year, five new hotels have been opened in Budapest, with 590 rooms – Meininger Hotel, Mystery Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, and Párisi Courtyard. Outside the capital, one hotel – Donautica Restaurant and Hotel, Fadd-Dombori) was opened, offering 17 guest rooms.