Hungary gives political asylum to Gruevski citing “Corrupt Judiciary and Horrible Prisons”


The Republic of Hungary only in few days (this must be a Guinness record) has made a decision to give political asylum to former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, reported the Hungarian MFA.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s office announced a few days ago that the former Macedonian Prime Minister expressed his desire to apply for asylum in the Hungarian Embassy outside Macedonia.

The intention to apply for asylum in Hungary was expressed by the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at the Hungarian Embassy outside Macedonia” – stated Orban’s office.

MFA’s spokesman Djulas said Hungary has never received an official request to extradite Gruevski from the Macedonian authorities. In addition to this, Macedonia and Hungary had never signed an extradition treaty.

Hungary’s Ministry of Justice reported the decision to give political asylum to former PM Gruevski was an “easy one”, considering the high corruption levels in Macedonia’s judiciary system as well as the horrific state of Macedonian prisons.

Meanwhile, Serbia’s president Vucic has chimed in, in a local interview stated Gruevski had legally crossed the Serbian border, there were no efforts on the Macedonian side to stop his movement, adding that if other countries followed Macedonia’s Government, every politician would now be in jail over the purchase of safe State vehicle meant to transport high ranking foreign delegations.

When an EU Member state gives political asylum to former high ranking Macedonian politician, this in fact is an admission there is fascist junta in Macedonia.

Among plethora of evidence given to the Hungarians, here is what Gruevski told them:

Thus, Hungary now becomes yet another country that will block Macedonia’s EU negotiations, in addition to France and Denmark who have stated the EU should not expand in at least 10 years.

It’s remarkable that the EU has not uttered a single word in reference to Gruevski’s saga. In the past the EU would react to MINA’s writings, would meddle literally in all aspects of Macedonia’s internal affairs, even in simple detention of Soros activists… but when it comes to Gruevski, eerie silence. Was this part of the deal? Or this is simply too embarrassing for the EU knowing they’re supporting criminals and would support anyone willing to change the country’s name!?

The sheer genius of Gruevski

Zaev’s junta has reported that Gruevski had zero euros on his bank accounts, and no properties registered in his name.