Hungary refuses to take 1300 migrants, Macedonia wants to take 150,000+


A Brussels Court has ruled that Hungary, Slovakia and Poland must take their “fair share” of muslim migrants who were invited by German chancellor Angela Merkel to flood the EU for the better part of 2016.

However, despite the EU ruling, all three European states have stated they are not taking any migrants. According to the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, Slovakia has accepted 10 migrants of their 802 quota and will not take a single migrant.


“99.9% of Slovakia is Christian, and we don’t have plans to change this by importing muslims who clearly won’t be able to fit into our culture and nation as a whole” says Fico.

Slovakia’s population is 5.4 million and are required by the EU to take a miniscule number of 802 muslim migrants.

Hungary’s population is 9.8 million and are required to take 1,300 migrants. Official Budapest today once again confirmed the EU ruling to them is irrelevant and will not take any muslim migrants. The astonishing fact here is that Hungary is asked to take 1,300 migrants which compared to their official population of 9.8m is precisely 0.01% . Hungary won’t take them anyways.

Macedonia, on the other hand, despite not being member of the EU has shockingly volunteered to import not 0.01% that other states refuse, but a gigantic 8-11% of its total population, thus permanently destroying Macedonia’s demographic and ethnic structure. Perhaps this is the plan all along.

The official numbers former Soros NGO head and current Labour and Social Minister Mila Carovska has played with are between 100,000 and 200,000 migrants. Large residential neighborhoods are planned in at least a dozen Macedonian cities, all of which are under local control of DPMNE.

  • bugmemore

    If the Japanese were forced to accept hordes of foreigners, would you consider these hordes to be Japanese?

  • bugmemore
  • Its Just Me

    When are we getting rid of this government?

  • V.M.

    I hope Ivanov and Gruevski trip on their way to work and knock all of their teeth out.