Husband of Judicial President took 1.6m loan at EuroStandard Bank before being shuttered


The robbed Eurostandard Bank depositors, just before the election of Pavlina Crvenkovska as President of the Judicial Council, remind of her husband’s debt to Eurostandard Bank. They say that behind the robbery of their deposits there is a well-organized network of fraudsters with major ties to the Macedonian Government. This network includes not only the managers of Eurostandard Bank, the Governor Anita Angelovska Bezoska and her top team from the National Bank, but also the owners of the companies where the money ended up or served as intermediaries.

One of those participants in the robbery of our money, about which we have already talked in public, is Zoran Crvenkovski, owner of the debtor company Ekoplast Resycling, now in bankruptcy. The company owes 1.6m euros to Eurostandard Bank, for which it has not paid a single installment for more than two years before the bank closed in August last year. At the time the loan was approved, the company was already over-indebted several times its capital and with large losses, the damaged depositors say, expecting that Zoran Crvenkovski, who, as they say, deliberately took the loan, and then also deliberately brought the company into bankruptcy, will be held accountable.

They ask whether Zoran Crvenkovski will indeed be held accountable for the crime, given that his wife Pavlina Crvenkovska is a member of the Judicial Council, previously a judicial advisor at the Skopje Court of Appeals, with the ambition to become president (in the meantime she has already been elected president of Judicial Council).