‘I got #Tillersoned’ now trending like wildfire


When US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was abruptly dismissed by President Donald Trump, “I Got #Tillersoned” became a viral meme used by lovelorn millennials sharing their own breakup stories.

The break-up was leaked to the press and announced on Twitter Tuesday morning, seemingly without the prior knowledge of the soon-to-be-sacked Tillerson, who was returning from a trip to Africa.

In an excuse which struck a chord with bereft netizens, Trump explained that he just had more “chemistry” with Mike Pompeo, the soon-to-be-Secretary of State, than with Tillerson.

Twitter was swiftly flooded with the testimony of its users who also experienced being ‘#Tillersoned,’ or unceremoniously dumped on social media.

While Tillerson may no longer be Trump’s foreign policy guru, his tribulations have at least garnered him unlikely sympathy from dejected netizens.