I too want to attend DPNE promenade every Wednesday


DPNE and their dwindling membership held their Wednesday promenade from downtown Skopje to the Government HQ (0.5 miles).

DPNE Mickoski read out his usual campaign speech, promising bread and honey, being very careful never to mention the ongoing name change in Parliament and the fact his MPs are taking part in it. The air quality and wages were once again a big hit with Mickoski. “When we’re in power, we have a plan how to improve the air quality by 30%” stated Mickoski. But that’s for much later, for now it’s Asthma Inc.

The number of promenade attendants was drastically reduced from the previous Wednesday. One has a limited capacity of unimportant things it can hear from weatherman and air pollution guru Hristijan Mickoski. The surprising thing here is why were Government employees filming the gathering from one of the windows – this isn’t even a protest.

If this Wednesday’s attendance is anything to go by, it may become simply too embarrassing for the DPNE to hold these promenades every week.

Meanwhile, here is Shekerinska wearing the EU flag…

And here is Zaev proving once and for all primates do have the ability to talk, the trick is to put them in charge of Macedonia… Zaev explains that Athens is writing Macedonia’s constitution – brought to you by Washington.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Treacherous scum buckets! Their time is coming.

  • Jole

    Nothing is coming to them LP, the Macedonians have changed to fuckin pussies who only want to kiss the ass of the anglo/zionists, say goodbye to what you were. If Macedonians were little like the French, look what they did to macaroni the Rothschild puppet they didn’t go to a protest with bagpipes & drums, they went to fight and won, Macedonians go to a free concert put on by traitor opposition. Until the niceties change Macedonia is only gonna get worse.