Idiot who Pardoned Criminal Zoran Zaev, Now Wants Him Out


The former leadership of SDSM calls for common sense and awareness, resignation and responsibility following the publication of the scandalous interview of the current president of SDSM Zoran Zaev. The current leadership, on the other hand, has backed him throughout.

SDSM founder Branko Crvenkovski, former vice president Ana Daneva, former president of the Skopje organization Sofija Kunovska, party secretary from 2003 to 2005 Andrej Petrov, Natasha Savova, former foreign minister Ilinka Mitreva distanced themselves from Zoran Zaev’s views and demanded party bodies to urgently convene and get rid of Zaev.

Huge and irreparable damage has been done. What can and must be done is to make it clear that Zaev’s views are neither the views of the entire government, nor of the entire state leadership. Zoran Zaev is the president of SDSM and our task is to reduce the damage as much as possible. If there is no reaction, Zaev’s views will become views represented by the entire SDSM, and be assured that this will have catastrophic consequences for the party and what is even worse for the country. The reactions of some prominent members in the media and on social networks are welcome, but not enough. That is why, my esteemed party members, I call for the immediate convening of a session of the party’s  Central Board where it will be concluded that the views expressed by Zaev are not the views of neither the Central Board nor SDSM as a whole. To reaffirm once again the views of SDSM on the Macedonian national identity, the Macedonian language, the Macedonian history, the character of the anti-fascist struggle and ASNOM, Crvenkovski said in his address to the party leadership.

This is from a man who pardoned Zoran Zaev after being convicted of stealing 9 million euros during the “Global” scandal in Strumica.