Idiots come in 3s? Aleksandrova, Bogojeski, Todorov obtain student passes to attend EPP


If you ever wonder how is it not to have any decency or self respect, you can ask Mijalkov’s trio: Aleksandrova, Bogojeski and Todorov, all three recently kicked out from the DPNE.

The Mijalkov’s lobotomized trio was seen at the EPP (European People’s Party) Summit after obtaining “student passes” thanks to sending dozens of emails to EPP’s organizers, practically spamming them for over a week.
The irony is, guest, or in the their case student passes are quite easy to obtain. Over 3,000 guest passes were issued by the EPP. Their hold up was likely due to the fact they tried to pass themselves as DPNE officials despite not being part of the party.

And what was their mission?

If their guest passes are anything to go by, their goal was to track down EU’s Hahn. Apparently it only took them an hour to walk the corridors in Helsinki and get their photo with Hahn. Then ex-DPNESDS’ Bogojeski announced on social media they are taking over the DPNE and making it pro-European, you know, vote for “European Macedonia”.

The photo-op with Hahn is also meant to show that Brussels and their bosses in Washington consider their assets kicked out of the DPNE on same footing as the actual MPs from the party. It’s Washington’s basic rule: if you don’t dance to their tune, they’ll fragment the party/organization/country. And the reason why this happens and will continue to happen is because the DPNE simply lets them with their “you torture us, but we’d like to become your servant” attitude.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total retarded morons!

  • V.M.

    Am I surprised, of course not.
    Now the goal is pretty obvious to fragment the party as much as they can, and the SDSPNE are not helping themselves because they can’t decide if they are big time or small time traitors.
    You can’t seat on 2 Chairs. Pick one: You’re with the People, or Against the People… there is no 3rd option.

  • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

    He is a nuckle head they all need to be removed from sds and get some young and honest party going, for the whole nation, I don’t understand why everyone is sitting back watching the country getting rapped , burn American flag 🇺🇸 and burn some cars in front of the American embassy, we don’t need to be nice to these imbeciles , no more nice guys, we need to be heard once for all , once all this goes through and that will be the wish fulfilled for these malakas, we shouldn’t give up we’re always better them , they are just f..en shit people, I have never liked or have trust in them
    Makekonija vecna 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰
    Da zivee Makedonija

  • Tony

    I’m sick of this shit people
    Smrt za predavnici I sds