If Angjushev got 4.5m euros for name change, how much did Dimitrov and Zaev get?


The Greek Government has been bribing Macedonian politicians for the past 20 years, and always with the same goal in mind – name change.

Gligorov in his autobiography admitted he was offered $1m in cash, golden rolex watches and priceless antiquities by the Greek Government in he agrees to change the country’s name. He was stunned by the offer (brought to him by Greek operatives via Frckovski) and refused it. At the time Gligorov said no amount of money could force him to change his mind. But that was then.

Fast forward to 2018.

Zaev’s right hand Kocho Anghjusev was wired 4.5m euros by a Greek company which went into bankruptcy back in 2015. Allegedly, it was a ‘utility contract’ between the Greek and Angjusev’s own company in Macedonia. However, the issue is that the Greek company doesn’t exist and is officially defunct – where did their millions come from? Once this was leaked in the Greek press, the Greek financial police started investigating this transaction. However, this ‘investigation’ will go nowhere once it’s revealed that the Greek Government used a bogus company to remit payment to Angjushev for his involvement in the “name negotiations”.

Three other SDSM officials (very small players in the name negotiations) are now seen building apartment complexes around Skopje. Two of them are known from hailing from poor families (both parents out of a job for years), yet their sons whose only two jobs have been paid Soros’ protesters & couriers in the name negotiations are building apartment complexes!?

How much did Zaev and Dimitrov get from Greece if someone like Angjushev (not a main player) got 4.5m euros?