If only the Russians spent $5m on combating American meddling in Macedonia


Bulgarian media reports that the United States will spend five million dollars to fight against Russia’s “propaganda” in Macedonia. Carefully vetted newspapers and online portals will be given the $5m through CIA’s public face, the USAid.

“The funds will be directed for media literacy of the population in the former Yugoslav republic, as well as familiarization with ethical media norms and ways of their implementation, as well as support for independent journalism. The need for such a project is driven by Russia’s activities that are actively promoting propaganda by spreading false news,” says USAID on its website. The official agency’s announcement states that the money will be awarded in the form of grants.

In other words the US Government will spend $5m on vicious propaganda to convince the Macedonian public to attend an illegal referendum. If in the past the US used the term ‘promoting democracy’, this has now been replaced by the word “Russia” as an excuse for the Yanks’ continual meddling in Macedonia’s internal affairs.
It would be nice to see the Russians spend some money to combat perpetual American meddling in Macedonia. That would be a change everyone in Macedonia would welcome.

  • V.M.

    I am sure MINA will get most of this money lol