Illegal speaker of Parliament Talat Xhaferi wants to vote on Language Law next week


Illegitimate Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi gave a week to political parties to find a solution to the Law on the Use of Languages, because the opportunities he had have been exhausted.

During the “200” TV show on Alsat television, Xhaferi said he was ready to schedule another session to directly vote on the adoption of the Law on the Use of Languages ​​without consideration of the 35,000 amendments submitted by VRO-DPNE .

According to Xhaferi, VRO-DPNE will have the right to a procedural remark. He warned that the Assembly should not be held hostage by anyone. Yesterday there was no decision on the amendments, because, as he said, some of the SDS MPs have stated that they would not vote for the law.

Talat Xhaferi has quite the CV:
– Deserted from the Macedonian army
– Joined a terrorist organization UCK
– Put as illegitimate speaker of Parliament by the US Ambassador after a laughable coup which saw 53 MPs count themselves 61 times in a hallway, followed by fabricating Parliament documents and seals

  • Legenda Patriot

    Send this idiot back to Albania! We will not suffer the indignity of this disgusting ambush of our authentic and original Macedonian language. Let’s see if Albania will adopt Macedonian as an official language.

  • Its Just Me

    If he votes in Albanian we will not understand it