Illegitimate Macedonian Government vows to pass language law


Macedonia’s Government considers that the Law on the Use of Languages ​​is in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

The government led by Zoran Zaev and SDSM believe that the law has been adopted in a democratic, parliamentary procedure and is in the interest of all citizens and within the concept of a society equal for all, the government press service announced as a response to the position of DPMNE the law be immediately withdrawn.

-DPMNE had the opportunity to participate in the process of adopting this law in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, but refused to do so demonstrating political irresponsibility. Considering that President Ivanov did not sign the decree for the proclamation of the law on the use of languages, it will be once again in the Parliamentary procedure, with DPMNE having the opportunity to actively intervene through an amendment debate, reads the reaction.

Zoran Zaev’s government will not withdraw the law on languages, and despite the fact it is still not the law, the Government has already bulldozed road signs across the country and put up new Macedonian and albanian language signs.

  • Knight Templar

    The reality at the moment is that the only friends the Albanians have are the Macedonians vice verse!

    • jj

      The same Albanians who killed the Macedonian police and went to war with Macedonia in the north in 2001? The same ones who cheat and commit voter fraud with each election?

  • hankz

    I can’t believe that the goverment of Fyrom would allow the Albanian language to be one of the official language of Fyrom!! What a disgrace!!! Albanians have a country call Albania, tell them to go back there!!