In Macedonia, throw a rock and you’ll hit a traitor, now Macedonian church sells out


Macedonia, its territory, language, culture and history is for sale. The difference is, this is not sale to the highest bidder, instead, think of wholesale, out of business sale, “everything must go”.

The latest Macedonian traitors come from the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Several Skopje outlets reported that the head of the MOC Stojan Veljanovski (later renamed to Stefan Veljanovski), aka g.g. Stefan, had personally requested the MOC to give up its independence and become a ‘daughter church’ of the Bulgarian Church.

However, Bulgaria’s Bozidar Dimitrov claimed that such letter was sent not by the MOC, instead the Strumica archdiocese.

Under what circumstances is it possible for a tiny archdiocese such as the one in Strumica to send such letter is not known. The head of the MOC himself appears to be involved because he can simply remove the authority of the Strumica archdiocese if he chose so, but he hasn’t done it.
Stefan is not helped by the fact that he has met twice with the US Ambassador Jess Baily at the St Jovan Bigorski monastery merely a month before this bizarre request was made.

What is known is that several high ranking bishops within the Macedonian Orthodox Church (Veles, Shtip, Prilep…) disagreed with Stefan Veljanovski and the alleged MOC letter sent to the BOC. According to the Veles archdiocese the MOC has now entered into a conflict with Macedonians worldwide by subservience to the BOC who has worked hard for centuries to wipe out Macedonians.

Archbishop Agatangel wrote an open letter that the MOC is in no condition to issue any sort of letter or requests without convening its Synod. In a strikingly honest letter, Agatangel says that he is one of the heads in the MOC and an important member to the Synod, therefore it is impossible for any decisions to be made by “unknown” individuals in the MOC who are neither good people and certainly not holy. Agatangel says the MOC is hijacked by individuals serving foreign nationals and churches and their decisions can not stand.

  • V.M.

    We definitely have more traitors per capita than any country. Easy a guiness record.