In Melbourne face-off between 5 Macedonians and 2000 Greek punanis


Five cool Macedonians (not related to Zaeviqi) sat at a coffee shop near the Greek consulate in Melbourne as 2000 strong protest of Greek punanis unfolded with the usual Hollywood-like ramblings that Macedonia was greek. The protest was organized in support of the Greek Government in the “negotiations” with Zaeviqi who has already stated he will change the name.

The Greek punanis were unhappy with the presence of Macedonians near their consulate and protest site, however, the cool and collected quintet minded their business, sipped their coffees which further infuriated the Greek protesters.

  • Dan Apostolovski

    How is this an article? Wow, 5 Macedonians sat at a coffee shop while Greeks protested. Was there an incident? What’s the point here?

    • Its Just Me

      I was thinkign the same but.. try wearing the same red shirt with the Vergina flag, like that guy, while drinking coffee in Greece.. and you will see how coooooool they really are 🙂
      It is like wearing red in front of a bull :))
      BRAVO!!!!! 🙂

    • Goran Stavreski

      Wear a greek gypsy shirt during a Macedonian protest and casually sip coffee …. see if you make it out alive…

  • Its Just Me

    oh they look indeed so cool 🙂

  • hankz

    Hahaha! They are not cool, they are a bunch of short dirty Monkeydonijans!! FYROM are Bulgarians and you idiots also speak it!!! Macedonia was, is and always will be Greek!!

  • hankz

    The punani writter of this shitty story “Pero Stamatovski” is a low life fucken cunt!!! Get a life you Bulgarian pousty!!!!

  • jimmy stax

    They suround greeks with enemys soon they will hope for a turkish attack in the agean the europen powers could care less cultural genocide is there game from black.athena to black achilles these slavic traitors have the name macedonia and greeks can only watch as they will clame thessolonika next and now the afrocentrics are claming achilles and tbe greek gods are african . Where are pur heros