In Shtip SDS gives out items with DMNE mayor’s name but SDS’ voting number


Shtip’s mayoral candidate Blagoj Bocvarski from the ranks of the SDS has tasked his party activists to print out the name of DPMNE’s mayoral candidate Ilcho Zahariev who is very popular in Shtip on numerous items and hand them out to Shtip residents. However, below DPMNE’s logo and Zahariev’s name, the SDS put #19, which is Bocvarski’s number at the ballot.

This is fairly clever tactic, although quite low in moral and ethical values, but lets not forget this is the SDS after all, they would sell their own mother to get in power.

So far, electoral fraud (ballot stuffing, fabricated voter lists, fraudulent (pre-circled) voter ballots, fraudulent voter ballots with same serial numbers, voter ballots from one city found stuffed in ballot boxes in multiple cities…) have been discovered in Skopje, Bitola, Prilep, Resen, Ohrid, Veles, Gevgelija, Strumica, Berovo, Demir Kapija, Kumanovo, Debar, Tetovo, Aerodrom, Kisela Voda, Karposh, Kichevo, Kochani and Makedonska Kamenica.

The second and fairly pointless round of voting is on October 29th.