Informer: Albanian mercenary Zoran Zaev meets with Mafia and US operatives in his Greek villa


Albanian mercenary Zoran Zaev, who among other things is supported by rogue CIA and MI6 elements, recently installed in the post of prime minister of Macedonia, has surrounded himself with the notorious Albanian mafia who control the illegal drug and weapons market! Zaev through these people maintains contact with CIA agents and actively works to cause chaos in the Balkans – reports Informer.

Informer cites sources within the Russian secret service who state Zaev has surrounded himself with at least six dangerous criminals are in his narrow circle of collaborators.

All of them have thick criminal dossiers, convicted of the most severe crimes that are related to narcotics and weapons trafficking, extremism and wahabism in Kosovo.

Drugs and weapons

In the context of our sources, which are consistent with confidential information from Russian secret services, one of the key Zaev players is Zahir Beqiri-Chaush.

– Beqiri in 2016 was sentenced to two years in prison for forging documents, printing 35000 fake IDs that were suppose to be given to Kosovo residents so they can vote, forged documents which fraudulently displayed accounts in the Swiss banks of certain members of the government of the then Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

He was also involved in the illegal wiretapping of Gruevski’s government officials.

Otherwise, Beqiri-Chaush is married to the sister of Zoran Zaev’s uncle … – informs the interviewer for Informer. As MINA has stated on numerous occasions, Informer too confirms that Beqiri was in charge of maintaining the connection between Zoran Zaev and Katica Janeva, whose connections with CIA representatives are “seriously documented”.

In the narrow circle of Zoran Zaev is also Jeladin Jusufi, known under the nickname Johnny of Mojanci.

– Jusufi is associated with weapons smuggling and weapons sale in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAracinovo, a village north of Skopje where the majority of the population are Albanians.

He maintains good relations with extremists in Kosovo. Zaev, among other things, is a friend of several drug bosses: Albanian Naki Halimi, Bosniak Harun Hadzibulic and Dejan Trajkovski-Bliznak, reveals our source and continues:

– Trajkovski went to Pristina last year with the aim of negotiating with the Albanian “businessmen” the election campaign financing of SDSM. Zaev personally received at least $10 million from the Albanian mafia used in bribery of voters. The meeting in Prishtina was facilitated by CIA operatives based at Bond Steel.

Zaev maintains the link between the mafia and the United States through Dejan’s brother, Daniel Trajkovski, an illegal arms trader, who is a frequent guest of US diplomat Kurt Gunderson – our interlocutor explains.

While Zaev has not yet appeared, the former head of the Military Security Agency (VBA), Momir Stojanovic, indicated that it is well known in operational circles that the Albanian mafia works closely with US agents.

– Just like some people within the top of the Montenegrin authorities, the Albanians in the Balkans are doing the dirty work for the Americans. These are the reasons why the United States supports the current governments of Macedonia and Montenegro, as well as the failed independence of Kosovo.

Huge sums of money from the sale of narcotics, weapons and people were used to demolish “disloyal regimes” and trigger crises – Stojanovic says.

Mafia clan

Retired General Bozidar Delic emphasizes that Albanian mobsters from Macedonia and Kosovo have always been close associates.

– Their main sponsors are American intel agencies. The Russians do not find it difficult at all to follow the arms trade, since the number of countries that produce weapons are limited. On the other hand, these sales are monitored through cash flows. Usually, these are American companies listed as non profits who are carriers of the work and who in the end collect all all the creme and then some… – Delic concludes

Secret meetings in Zaev’s house in Chalkidiki

The Russian secret service also reveals that Zaev organizes meetings with narco bosses and US operatives outside of Skopje.

– In order to preserve the discretion at home, Zaev meets his bosses and financiers outside of Macedonia. In this context, Greece is most often used, where Zaev was gifted a house by the Greek Government in a village in Chalkidiki. Here, frequent guests are US diplomats, from whom, on many occasions he receives instructions and large sums of money … – declares our source.

KARAN: Crime for political purposes

Retired KOS colonel Ljuban Karan, says that Russian services only confirm that the activities for the formation of “Greater Albania” are financed by funds derived from the most severe type of crime.

“That Zaev is surrounded by Albanian criminals means that he will not depart from the “Tirana Platform”, which is a major crime that is used for political purposes – underlines Karan.

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