Irony: DPMNE informs EU’s Hahn how bad Macedonia is now


DPME President Hristijan Mickoski is in Brussels, where he met with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, and plans to meet with Federika Mogherini and Joseph Dol.

He also posted a statement on his PB profile after the meeting with Han.

“In the framework of the visit of the delegation of VMRO-DPMNE in Brussels, we met with the Commissioner, Mr. Johannes Khan. The meeting is about the integration of the Republic of Macedonia within the European Union. We talked about the reforms and the reform processes that should happen in the Republic of Macedonia, but unfortunately they are lagging behind.

The abuse of power by the government led by the Social Democratic Union, the bad economic moves, the bad reforms in the economy, the economic downturn, have all become a norm now”- says Mickoski.

The irony of course is, Mickovski goes to Brussels to complain to the very people (Hahn and Co) who spent three years and 150m euros of ‘NGO’ money to install Zaev in power.

Sometimes you have to wonder whether there is anyone at the DPMNE with the ability to think.

  • V.M.

    Talk about stupidity… Hahn and Mogherini threatened Ivanov to give Zaev the mandate… and now the DPNE idiots go to complain to them?

  • Goran Stavreski

    Mickoski is telling Hahn : Hey, put us back in power, we too will work for the same agenda.

  • Mijak Papra

    It seems that the reality of the matter is that a government in Macedonia cannot be formed without the blessings of the power brokers of Europe, USA etc.
    I wonder if a united people may have a chance? To set aside differences in a common goal.

  • Wolf

    Whats amazing is Apparently all of Europe want the name negotiations between Greece and Macedonia to finally come to a close..
    But No European Nation wants to talk about the economic down turn in Macedonia since Zaev was given a golden spoon in his mouth by Mr. Johannes Khan. And Federika Mogherini.
    So whats up.
    Well Greece has probably spent Millions in Bribes. And why does Macedonia need a New road to Greece.
    So its easier for Immigrants to move into Macedonia!!!
    Why the urgency to Make Macedonia part of the EU and Nato? Well then Macedonia will have to do everything the US wants!!!
    Remember England it wants Brexit.
    If what is reported about Bond steel in Kosovo is True training and housing Rebels, Well Macedonia has firtil soil to grow All the Drugs the US Needs.

    And then Think about this one, really hard. The last country in the former Yugoslav republics that actually can see brightly is Serbia, It is also an Allie of Russia.
    The US Doesn’t like that!!!!!
    If Macedonia completely falls in US hands, Then Serbia will be surrounded from all sides, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro Macedonia, Kosovo, So on. How long do you think the Serbs have????
    Europe Needs to grow up and certain individuals in the EU shouldn’t be stronger then entire European countries.
    Bribery should be looked into,
    And finally if for the last 20 years Macedonia Cant make it into the EU and Nato what makes you think anything will Change!!!
    A perfect example is if lets say if Greece pays Belgium a cool Billion dollars (Don’t worry the IMF will pay the initial bill) for Belgium to Veto Macedonia to join the EU.

    Well Macedonia is Back at square one. And the Greeks will say!!! HEY IT WASN’T US THIS TIME hehehehehe…
    Its time to ditch Zaev. The EU and Nato.
    Cause Macedonia path has been written by the Wrong People.