Italian Media: Brussels supports Zaev who lost elections and has ties to Islamic Radicals


EU is supporting a Macedonian socialist who after accusing Serbs and Macedonians of genocide has now accused Italians of the same. Serbs have sent their army to the border to deal with aggressive statements from Albania – says Italian daily La Verita in its editorial.

Italy has once again placed itself in the middle of things in the Balkans – Zoran Zaev, the leader of the socialists in Macedonia, in order to improve his country relations with Serbia has now accused Italy of genocide over Albanians. There has been no comment from Brussels. As a result of the political instability in the region, Serbia has amassed its army on the borders with Kosovo and Macedonia. Belgrade doesn’t recognize Zaev’s attempt to destroy Macedonia’s constitution assisted by the smaller albanian parties who have blackmailed Zaev into forming a Government only if it results in Macedonia’s disintegration – reports La Verita.

Zaev, lost his elections in December, however thanks to the support of Italian communist and current EU socialist Federica Mogherini, the political situation was flipped on its head with power snatched away from the right wing majority – says La Verita.

In an interview with a Serbian daily, Zaev suggested that genocidal charges would be filed from 1912-1956. Considering the fact the Italian army had entered Macedonia in WW2, Zaev suggested charges may be filed against Italy, and not Serbia. This is expected as every country wants to have good relations with their neighbors. To assure his Serbian interviewer not to worry Zaev even told him that Macedonians were the same as Serbs. He did the same thing with a Bulgarian interviewer the day prior. In essence, Italy through Renzi and Mogherini is working and lobbying to put Zaev in power who in turn has said our country will be held responsible for genocide. This is absolutely genius! Both Renzi and Mogherini are juggling with grenades and no one knows when they will explode in all of our faces – says La Verita.

Zaev is following a document dubbed the Tirana Platform to the tee. It was given to the Macedonian albanian parties in Tirana after the elections. Western intel agencies have played the main role in the creation of the document which as you’d expect is written in english. Although Zaev refuses to acknowledge the document, every comment the leader of the socialists in Macedonia makes is tied to the Tirana platform. When pressed by a Serbian journalist on the Tirana platform, Zaev admitted the document will be the essence of the new Macedonian Government, adding a debate must be held on the new name, constitution, flag, anthem for the country. It will make Macedonia the third Albanian country in the region with major ramifications not just for the Balkans, but for Europe as a whole – says La Verita in its editorial.