Italian paper announces knockout blow for Zaev and his junta


Slovenian journalist Laris Gaiser, who published the tapes in relation to the “Racket” affair in the Italian paper “La Verita”, has announced a “knockout blow” but did not say what it meant exactly, Pressing TV reports.

I listened to very important material about the “Racket” affair, there is very interesting evidence, I’m sure of their authenticity. They will cause major reactions. But whether I will publish them soon, first I need to make sure my sources are safe, Gaiser told Pressing TV.

According to his announcement, new material is likely to be released next week that would prove links between senior government officials in the “Racket” affair. There are indications that the new material would be related to developments in the healthcare sector, and the “opposition” DPNE reported earlier referring to the so-called “Zaev-Filipce-Doncev trio”.