Ivanov accepted $5m from State Department’s Matthew Palmer to remain silent on name change?


Journalist Milenko Nedelkovski has reported that the free masonic connection played a key role for keeping Ivanov silent and inactive in letting Zaev’s carnage in the country go unchallenged for year and a half.

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Matthew Palmer

The masonic connection of Palmer (US State Department mason), Dusko Knezevic (high ranking mason from Montenegro) and Ivanov (low ranking – subordinate mason) is what sealed the deal. A dubious globalist cult over a country.

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Dusko Knezevic

It was Knezevic (not Hoyt Yee) who first managed to convince Ivanov to give Zaev the mandate, and it’s the same individual who via Matthew Palmer transferred $5m to Ivanov into a foreign bank account to ensure his “cooperation” and inactivity that continues to this day. This explains why Ivanov has refused to basically do anything that he is required by law. In addition, despite being advised and asked to do so, the president has refused to send a letter to the UN and dispute the illegal information & letter sent by Zaev.

In the end, traitor Ivanov was bought, like everyone else.