Ivanov at Intl Forum: Macedonia perfect example of double standards


Macedonia is the perfect example how a country may be a subject of double standards and hypocrisy, President Gjorge Ivanov said Wednesday at the 28. annual session of the Crans Montana Forum in Barcelona.

Speaking at the opening session, dubbed Which World for Tomorrow? Strategies for Stability in an Unpredictable Environment – Towards a New Governance‘, Ivanov notified the disrespect of an international agreement signed by Macedonia with one of its neighbors, which ‘brings about international legal obligations’. There is also a ruling of The-Hague-based International Court of Justice that has been ignored by everybody as if it’s non-existent, he said.

Macedonia, he went on, has done a lot for Europe’s security but is still treated as third country, being even deprived of access to certain EU security instruments.

However, Ivanov still hoped that the European Union, NATO and the countries of the region would draw conclusions from the incorrect treatment of Macedonia.

‘Considering the topic of our discussion I cannot see any other sustainable stability strategy in a globally unpredictable environment but restoring of the only system that offered stability, namely respecting, not purpose-serving interpretation, of the international laws and obligations. It also calls for full cooperation – above all in the sphere of security and the fight against the main challenges – extremism and terrorism,’ Ivanov said.

The President also referred to Macedonia’s success in the migrant crisis management. The crisis, he said has convinced the greatest skeptics that a small territory is not an insignificant one, and that ‘a small country doesn’t mean a minor role in global processes’.

‘Macedonia has opted for humanity, fairness and equal treatment in terms of the humanitarian aspect of the migrant crisis; decisiveness and readiness for cooperation with all affected in regard to its security aspect,’ Ivanov said.
The foundations of the world order are seriously shaken and hence ‘we are in state of global disorder’, Ivanov said, calling on the United Nations and other international organizations to reform and adjust to the new reality.

  • Rob

    Thank god we cannot enter the eu and nato because gauranteed Macedonia sill not exist after being forced to bd flooded with terrorists who will not only cause chaos but will destroy the Christian nation…

    • R_U_Jhoking

      Thanks to the Greeks. They did us a big favour.