Ivanov in the end committed the biggest Treason of all


After refusing to move an inch for six months, Macedonia’s President Gjorgi Ivanov has capitulated to the demands of unelected EU officials and pressure from the US Deep State. He gave the mandate to Socialist leader Zoran Zaev to form a coalition government.

Ivanov has made Zaev pledge not to undermine Macedonia’s Constitution nor sovereignty. It also contained a pledge to reject the infamous Tirana Platform. It is a ridiculous attempt, and a face saving gesture that no one believes will be adhered to by Zaev’s coalition.

The government will rely on the participation of radical nationalist albanian parties who seek to implement the Tirana Platform, a document which calls for the destruction of the Macedonian constitution and paves the way for an annexation of part of the small Balkan state.

Each albanian party has stated they would take no part in a Government that would not implement the Tirana platform. By default, the actual act of the formation of Government itself means Zaev has agreed to implementing the platform.

When one takes into consideration Ivanov gave the mandate prior to his trip to Moscow, things become even more clear. You certainly don’t meet with Putin before settling your obligations with the Deep State.

Ivanov didn’t want to be another statistic and share the fate of Boris Trajkovski whose plane was brought down after refusing to sign the new territorial law which paved the way for Macedonian towns to get albanian mayors by incorporating albanian villages who were sometimes 30km away from the town itself.

Needless to say, Ivanov knew what was coming if he refused to play ball. And if this looks like treason, that’s because it is. As Stefan Vlahov Micov put it the other day: without sacrifices, we can’t have, and we don’t deserve a country.

  • V.M.

    Ivanov got his 15m of fame.

  • Palo Alto

    Oh Puhleees ! Only way of calling for snap election is if 61 MP votes ,,for” it. Giving him mandate was inevitable.

    • jntoronto

      I guess in Palo Alto they don’t investigate something before jumping to conclusions…..
      Usually Californians are smarter than that.

      • Palo Alto

        Is there any other way? I even talked to some journalist they all agreed on this. Do tell if there is but I don’t think that there is one. Btw I’m avid VMRO supporter. I’m just sayin’

  • Goran Stavreski

    Gruevski on March 11, 15, April 10, 17:
    We’ll never allow a Soros Government in charge of Macedonia..