Ivanov fails to show up at quisling MPC St Stefan celebration


Tings have certainly changed in Macedonia. It took less than a week  (between May 10 – 17) for all Macedonian quislings to float up to the surface. This included politicians, Government officials, and yes, even our godless bearded phonies allegedly representing all Macedonians and our Orthodox church.

The godless phony of MPC, “G.g.” Stefan met with CIA degenerate Jess Baily at St Jovan Bigorski monastery. The meeting resulted in Stefan sending a letter to the Bulgarian church asking it essentially to take ownership of MPC.

Today the head of the MPC’s g.g. Stefan marked St. Stefan, a holy day which in previous years saw nearly all politicians and businessmen congratulate the head of the church and attend the celebratory event. Ivanov had never skipped to congratulate this holy day to the head of the MPC.

This year, it’s a bit different. A terrorist (Talat Xhaferi), a quisling GMO product (Zoran Zaev) were the only ones in attendance to congratulate quisling Stefan.

To give you a taste how mad the quisling MPC  has gotten, they advocated through the Soros owned media that Christmas should not be celebrated, wood should not be burned and to forget on customs and traditions of the past! Macedonians completely ignored the MPC and Badnik fires burned across the country. Steps were already being made by MPC quislings in Macedonia to celebrate Christmas on December 25th, however, so far there is a great deal of resistance by the people and lower echelons of the MPC.

  • V.M.

    Never liked Stefan, that son of a bitch.