Ivanov kicks out Zaev and Dimitrov from his office – no legal authority to change name


Zaev and Dimitrov have no legal authority to change Macedonia’s name.

Article 119 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and the Law on Conclusion, Ratification and Enforcement of International Agreements of 22 January 1998 specifies only the president can conclude and ratify international agreements, never the Parliament.

Zaev and Dimitrov visited the president this morning to ‘brief’ him of what they have negotiated with Athens.
However, according to Macedonian media, the meeting was quite unfriendly, lasted less than two minutes, after which the president asked both Zaev and Dimitrov to leave his office.

-We inform that the meeting lasted two minutes. Today, President Ivanov will address the Macedonian people and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, inform the President’s Cabinet.

Unofficially, the meeting was in an awkward atmosphere and President Ivanov showed the doors of Zaev and Dimitrov, pointing out that they do not share common views with traitors who work against Macedonia.

So the coup continues in Macedonia, an illegal Government in place, drafts illegal laws, wants to change the name despite not having legal authority…
Not that we’re trying to tell Ivanov how to do his job, but by now he should have called in the Army for yet another anticonstitutional activity by an illegal Government. The problem for Ivanov, the Army is not under his control and his advisors work for Governor Baily.