Ivanov no longer has control over military


During yesterday’s marking of 25th anniversary of the Macedonian Army, president Ivanov refused to shake hands with waffle house waitress turned Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska and UCK’s Talat Xhaferi.

Ivanov has lost all credibility as president after he failed to activate the army to prevent the SDS-led coup in Parliament, even though it was his constitutional duty.

The SDS has since taken complete advantage of Ivanov’s failure to act which they saw as surrendering of his presidential duties. As a result, DM Shekerinska activated the army to assist in putting out fires without first consulting with Ivanov.

Not that laws matter, but according to a piece of paper called the “Constitution”, Ivanov is the supreme commander of the military and only he can activate the army.

SDS’ bypassing of Ivanov further cemented his complete irrelevance in Macedonia.

Ivanov, like his fake patriots in the DPNE who helped him get elected, dished out some empty rhetoric during the ceremony. Here is what he had to say:

– The ARM is spending their own resources for tasks for which other institutions bear full responsibility. They were engaged without the permission of the president as their supreme commander. This is a serious violation of the law which will not be tolerated.

This was simply another test by Prime Minister Baily that Ivanov once again miserably failed.

Constitutional expert Todor Petrov says this was a second coup in Macedonia, first over the Government, and now directly over the presidency and its armed forces.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Gorazd, spot on. This was a test by Baily to see how Ivanov would react… and of course Ivanov has F A I L E D A G A I N.
    But keep your chin up, there will be a Macedonian somewhere who will take care of these fools, there always was.

  • V.M.

    I honestly thought at least one person would not be a sellout… you always think, there’s got to be one person…

  • Its Just Me

    We need to protest.
    One thing the Germans say, how Hitler got into power, that it all started in similar way. Those people just took power, did what they wanted. The rest knew it was bad / wrong, but they did not protest. Sit at home, hope for the best. And so 2. World War happened.
    This is why now the Germans always and regularly go to the streets. Because they did not, once, and they suffered for it.
    If we do not go to protest now, no reaction, we will regret it. It will happen, sooner or later, we all know we will protest-