Ivanov not signing illegal language law


Macedonia’s president Gjoprgje Ivanov have sent an official note to Parliament that he will not be signing the language law pushed across the entire country by the Zaev’s led SDSM.

As the president explained, Macedonia is a unitary and multiethnic state, and this law abolishes this principle and introduces binaryism, which violates the country’s unitary character.

He also added that due to the daily political schemes run by the SDSM, procedures are being abused to bring laws that are detrimental to the nation. Ivanov pointed out that the abuse of the “European flag” of the law on bilingualism was the subject of a remark by EU officials, but this ruling majority did not take this into account.

He explains that this law is systemic and it is illogical that it be carried by a simple majority, abusing the European institutions.

He pointed out that the law was unconstitutional, and that he sent a detailed legal explanation to the Parliament that appealed to be taken into consideration by the deputies.

  • Its Just Me

    Oh YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

  • Macedonian1

    Finally, someone acting constitutionally

    But how long will it last

  • Its Just Me

    I na makedonski pismoto, neka naucat da zboruvaat makedonski vo sobranieto 🙂