Ivanov not signing laws, but Xhaferi is here


It’s easier to see a unicorn than Macedonian President Ivanov. He hasn’t showed his face in months after he was mocked by the public for not intervening at the UN as well as withdrawing the mandate he gave Zaev after the SDS leader broke every single written assurance he gave the president.

Occasionally, like today, Ivanov made the news after he once again refused to sign laws adopted by Parliament sent to him with the illegal name.

The President refuses to accept the Prespa treaty and did not sign it, leading to a legal precedent when the ratification act was published in the Official Gazette with the signature of Speaker Talat Xhaferi. This in itself carries a lengthy prison sentence, however that’s only possible in an independent country, something Macedonia is not.

Under the Constitution, the laws returned by President Ivanov to the Parliament will have to be voted on again. Should they pass again, Ivanov will then have to sign them, however he has refused to do so.

Ivanov has already refused to sign the clearly unconstitutional law on the use of languages, so it is possible that until the end of his term in May any new laws will also lack his signature.
However, Xhaferi doesn’t mind signing things.