Ivanov quietly buys two apartments in elite Vodno on 1,500 euro/month salary


After ending his mandate as president at his presidential villa in Vodno (a mountainous elite neighborhood in Vodno) Ivanov and his family will not move away from the neighborhood, instead, they will move just up the road where they purchased two apartments on a modest 1,500/month salary.

Vodno has by far the most expensive real-estate in the Macedonian capital, where prices can range from 1,700 to 3,500 euros per sq/m depending on the location.

Both apartments were purchased in the name of Ivanov’s son. Silence and inaction pays.

Another example of a politician who made a large purchase/investment is Zaev’s current chief advisor Bojan Maricik (who became known for his verbal ebola on Al Jazeera ). Maricik’s parents haven’t worked for 20 years, while he was Zaev’s errand boy during the pretend name negotiations with Athens. For his ‘service’ he was paid enough money to allow him to start building a large apartment complex in the elite Skopje neighborhood of Debar Maalo. MINA estimated for such building, over 1.8m euros were needed.

  • Belinda Dellios

    so what, he buys a condo.
    he has aright to.
    or should he live in a cave?

    • V.M.

      Belinda, you can’t buy 2 apartments in cash with a Macedonian salary, you can’t even do it in Australia. The man earns roughly $1500 AUD/month but buys apartments worth $350,000 in cash!? Please use your brain.

      • Belinda Dellios

        I employ Macedonians FROM Macedonia and they buy and sell apartments….and the president cannot. You need to use your brain.

        • V.M.

          My bad, didn’t realize you’re retarded.

          • Belinda Dellios

            It is because of people like you that Macedonia is in the state that it is in.
            You insulting hypocrite.
            Your use of the word ‘restarted’ spells it out clearly.
            Use your name.

        • Steven Arviv

          Belinda. The man has a net income of approximately $36 000 AUD. Yet he purchases two properties in an area that rage from $2700 to $5600
          per sq/m.

          • Belinda Dellios

            Steven, did he have it saved?

  • Liberty

    So what, he’s the president for gods sake! What are you a communist!
    My uncle, a socialist, was sour about how VMRO under Gruevski was the wealthiest political party in the Balkans. He would argue at family parties as I would quietly let him finish. Then I would simply tell him, in an easy tone, you are wrong and you should be proud of strong political party that represents Macedonians. They are our political party and represent us as Macedonians. We need a party with strength to tackle the strong anti Macedonian agenda in our neighborhood. What would you prefer a week and timid party that can easily be bought and intimidated, because the socialists have been behind every anti-Macedonian development since the Turks ruled the Balkans. My uncle was thrilled when Zaev won. Now, he’s losing his mind. Everyone makes fun of him and puts him in his place. Today is the Idles of March. Down with Caesar!

    • Smith And Wessen

      May have said that i no guy always put comment on facebook comenon zaev we can do thid …now what his tongue is a bit short even zaev said il make a 3rd albanian state when he was in austria just making a comment i would vote grueski in a heart beat if i was sdsm fan but i guess sdsm fans couldnt b3lieve that zaevz would change .

  • neutrinoz

    With his monthly salary? Bribe has short legs, can’t escape. When rumor turns phyz.

  • V.M.

    He finally puts the money he got from the US Embassy to good use.
    Buys two apartments in cash, on a salary that wouldn’t be enough to buy a car, let alone apartments in cash. Son of a bitch.