Ivanov says won’t sign Language Law after Parliament “votes” during closed Session


As President of the Republic of Macedonia, I will not allow this. Therefore, I will not sign a decree declaring a law that has been adopted in this way. A law that abused the European flag, a law for which there was no debate on the amendments that resulted from my suggestions, a law that passed out of all legal procedures, a law that is unconstitutional and a law that violates the given guarantees by Zaev.

The Macedonian constitution and conscience do not allow me to sign a decree declaring such a law – wrote Ivanov in a statement.

We will await and see Ivanov’s statement after he gets a phone call from Jess Baily. Ivanov is prone to changing his mind, if history is anything to go by.

Coup is the only reasonable response to the insanity in Macedonia

If Ivanov doesn’t sign the ‘language law’ into law, which he says he will not, then it is not a law. But the problem is multifold. The SDS and DUI junta have no respect towards the law, in fact, they are openly breaking all legal frameworks and laws. Today, the law was “passed” during a closed Parliament session, an utter and savage breaking of all Parliamentary procedures and legal frameworks. But for the Macedonian Government junta, it’s not a problem. Even before the language law becomes an actual law, MINA finds there has been several incidents in Skopje after albanian speaking office clerks refused to issue passports to Macedonians. If you want a passport, bring a translator with yourself as albanian office clerks will no longer speak Macedonian. The only problem is, this isn’t a law yet, but the provocations are already under way.

The only way to deal with this hubris of a Government, this mafia cartel, this junta is certainly not via a legal framework. The only way to remove a Government junta led by SDS and DUI is through a coup, the same way they were installed in power.