Ivanov’s brutal Speech in Parliament – you’re the enemy


Обраќање во живо на претседателот Ѓорѓе Иванов!

Обраќање во живо на претседателот Ѓорѓе Иванов!

Posted by infomax.mk on Friday, December 28, 2018

Here is sample:

Ivanov: Let me ask you a question: What is the difference between my amnesty and yours?
– My amnesty was for real peace. Your amnesty is to further blackmail MPs in order to get 2/3rd votes in Parliament.

Ivanov’s speech was followed by grunts and occasional yelling by SDS and DUI MPs.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Ivanov needs to bring in the Army and clean out these scum who have spread so much disease in our political system. Bring in the exterminators. No 1 pest to go is stinking Zajko followed by his hoard of corrupt cockroaches!

  • Golden shekels

    Patriot, I second that motion when do we start, long live Makedonia