Jakimovski: The US and EU could never do any of this with Crvenkovski


GROM president Stevco Jakimovski, in his latest column asks why is Macedonia signing an agreement with Bulgaria when official Sofia at no point has ever stated they would create problems for Macedonia’s EU/NATO integration!

Jakimovski says, using the Deep State template of “create a problem, and offer a solution” the Zaev led marionette Government invented a non existent problem with Sofia and offered a solution which according to Jakimovski has been cooked up over a year ago.

“Zaev went to Sofia, not to hash out some sort of agreement, but to have a cup of coffee with Borisov. The ‘agreement’ was written up before Zaev went to Sofia” says Jakimovski.

This actually fits well into numerous other commentaries in Macedonian media, including the admittance of Bulgarian ‘historian’ Bozidar Dimitrov who in an interview for BTV stated Zaev and Borisov texted each other weekly, sometimes daily since 2015. Jakimovski says, official Sofia appears to have helped Zaev and the SDS financially prior and during the elections, as a result Zaev must deliver the “agreement” and deliver it fast.

According to Jakimovski, it is apparent that apart from the US and British Secret services involved in the Macedonian coup, the Bulgarian secret services was also involved. “Zaev is paying his bills to Bulgaria first” says Jakimovski.

“The US needed someone like Zaev to do their dirty work. In no way the CIA could have achieved any of this with Crvenkovski in charge. He came from the school of Kiro Gligorov, and would not do any of this. The US needed a traitor, an individual with huge moral, ethical and other deficiencies to do their dirty work. Zaev perfectly fit their profile and was recruited” says Jakimovski.

After selling the language to Bulgaria, and giving up on Macedonians living there, next up is selling the name to Greece, the Macedonian church to Serbia and turning the country bi-national to appease Albania.

Zaev’s capacity is clear for everyone to see. Each day, the Strumica clown receives a piece of paper on his desk from the US Embassy of what his daily tasks are. How long will Macedonians put up with this idiocy, likely not very long – concludes Jakimovski.

  • Goran Stavreski

    The goal is for Bulgaria to essentially have two countries. Same people in two countries. Greece has Cyprus. Bulgaria will have Macedonia, that’s why they want to make the histories ‘joint’. We’ll be ‘brothers’ with the Turkish Mongolic tatars to the East whom we fought in every war.

  • Its Just Me

    Exactly, a big fat Balkan brotherly fight, Balkan War for 2nd. August. Zaev is insane, even if he signs this, the people will fight. Bulgarians do not see us as brothers, never did. I mean if he missed any of the history class, it could be happening soon again. It could easily lead to a fight on the 2nd August. Who knows, maybe this Ilinden we will get lucky and liberate all parts?

  • Peter Beres

    Can’t wait