Jakimovski: The US should take in all refugees, not Macedonia


Things are quickly unraveling. Today, the EU Commissioner for migration (who is Greek by the way) Avramopoulos claimed he has yet to discuss the idea with the new “progressive Government” to build a refugee camp in Macedonia that will house 100,000 people, which is 5% of our population – says GROM’s president Stevco Jakimovski.

There has been great deal of speculation that Zaev would approve the building of a refugee camp, Gevgelija and Kumanovo are mentioned as two possible locations.

Jakimovski continues…

So the lunatics in Brussels, after installing their spy-puppet as Prime Minister, plan on housing huge number of people from some God forsaken countries?

Our message to Brussels is clear, whoever bombed these people should take them in. Macedonia didn’t
– says Jakimovski.
The western Governments have destroyed countries, lynched their leadership, destroyed their infrastructure, killed women and children, and all of this in the name of democracy!? The primary destroyer of these nations is the United States. However, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, they have no problem with refugees. The refugees come here, to Europe and lined up in front of EU politicians that we’re allegedly asking for advice – says Jakimovski.

“How stupid are EU politicians I will explain through few simple examples:
Before the sanctions, the EU had $650 Billion worth of trade with Russia, annually. After the sanctions, the trade has dropped to $200 Billion.

Before the sanctions, the US trade with Russia stood at $30 Billion annually. After the sanctions were introduced, the US nearly tripled its trade with Russia to $80 Billion.
Who is the idiot here?” asks Jakimovski.

If Europe wasn’t ruled by complete and utter idiots, WW1 and WW2 would not have happened on its territory. Fascism was born in Europe, and now we see it reintroduced yet again, because idiots never learn – says Jakimovski.

Since it was the United States of America that is behind all of the destruction in the Middle East, and last time I checked they do have thousands of civilian and military transport aircraft, they can take in those 100,000 refugees on a whim. It’s their responsibility – concludes Jakimovski.