Janeva avoided arrest with support from ‘abroad’, blackmailed former diplomat


Skopje media reported that police had a warrant for the arrest of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva on Monday evening, but that she was able to call in supporters from abroad to stave off the arrest by threatening to release incriminating wiretaps.

According to MKD portal, the police was looking for Janeva in the Special Prosecutor’s Office with an arrest warrant. But, the outgoing prosecutor “managed to call a former diplomat who was involved in the Przino talks, and with a high level official of the Macedonian Government”, MKD reports.

Those present say that Janeva threatened them with wiretaps she has deposited abroad. After this, the arrest warrant was “forgotten”, but Janeva’s official phone was seized, MKD writes.

Katica Janeva’s office held thousands of illegally obtained wiretaps that were being released in 2015, causing a political crisis that propelled Zaev to power and led to the renaming and redefining of Macedonia. She is now suspected of using the tapes to blackmail businessmen and extort money from them, using showman Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 as an intermediary.