Janeva’s right hand Fatime Fetai denied promotion


The Council of public prosecutors voted against appointing Fatime Fetai to the organized crime unit. Fetai was one of the three most recognizable faces of the now completely disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Unit, along with Katica Janeva and Lence Ristovska. The Council decided to appoint Fetai as high prosecutor instead.

Some other SPO prosecutors were retained to the organized crime unit, including Lile Stefanova, Trajce Pelivanov and Artan Ajro, despite the numerous corruption scandals that involved them from their work under Janeva. But Fetai did not receive the support of chief Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski for this position.

The organized crime unit, led by Vilma Ruskoska, is being positioned as successor to the SPO unit, which was dismantled after its chief prosecutor Katica Janeva was arrested for gross corruption and abuse of office. The SPO was used to grab power by the SDSM during the US Sponsored 2015 Colored Revolution, when Janeva and her team filed dozens of made up charges against officials from the VMRO-DPMNE party, leading to its removal from office.