Jess Baily implementing Brennan’s plan: Remove ASNOM and Macedonians from Constitution, add albanians


The Tirana Platform is being implemented in Macedonia to the letter.
MINA finds, ASNOM the first Macedonian Assembly which laid the very foundations to our state after WW2 will be wiped out from the Constitution. This creates unprecedented legal ramifications because the state itself is brought into question, the very existence of the state as a legal entity. A house without foundation crumbles.

In addition, the illegal Government junta will be remove the names Macedonia, Macedonians, everything to be replaced with North Macedonia and North Macedonians, entities without a past, any historical or cultural continuation.
In other words, a new country and new people are created in 2018. This was one of the main demands by Greece accepted by Zaev and Dimitrov.
Flashback: The Greek Foreign Minister Papakonstantinou sent a letter to the UN requesting the world body to deny admission to Macedonia at the UN because the country was founded by ASNOM and Athens doesn’t recognize the Assembly. Now that foundation is removed as well.

The Tirana platform

Journalist Boban Nonkovic out of Brussels once again confirmed, not just Macedonia will never enter in the EU, but Albania will block Macedonia’s entrance into NATO until the entirety of the Tirana Platform is implemented.
– Macedonia must admit it committed “genocide” over albanians, even though the reality (1900-1904) is just the opposite. This is a major step for albanians in western Macedonia to split from the country considering they’re to be inserted as constituent people.

Posted by Boban Nonkovik on Monday, September 24, 2018

  • Maco

    Why do the Macedonian people allow this to happen. Macedonian uprising and nothing less. String up the traitors, criminals and terrorist bastards. This is your one and only Makedonija, stop watching it being eliminated and destroyed. Rise up and take it back.

  • Legenda Patriot

    I totally agree. Cleanse our country of this stinking shit!