‘Gaffe’ prone Joe Biden wore a wire during debate with Trump


Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden flubbed his lines from the teleprompter again on Friday, calling for a $15 million minimum wage instead of a $15 minimum wage.

Biden was speaking about a socialist policy to implement a living wage, calling first for a $15 million minimum wage, then $15,000 minimum wage before finally settling on $15.

Biden’s reliance on a teleprompter, combined with his gaffe-prone personality has yielded some laughable results with some of his speeches in recent weeks.

Just last month, Biden read “End of quote” while reciting a speech accusing Trump of plotting to strip social security and medicare from seniors.

Biden wearing a Wire

Video capture shots from the debate between Trump and Biden clearly show Joe Biden wearing wired electronic devices, in violation of debate rules. The appearance of a wire under his jacket was abundantly obvious for a few seconds, as he tried to tuck the wire back into a hidden location (see video shots below).

The use of electronics confirms that Joe Biden’s performance was dishonestly augmented by off-camera controllers who were likely speaking to him through a hidden earpiece.

Before the debate, the Joe Biden’s team refused to allow a third party inspection of Biden’s ears for electronic devices, contradicting their earlier promise that Biden would agree to be inspected before the debate.