Jordan and Egypt threaten Israel after Tel Aviv admits Plan to Annex Gaza


With a repetition of the Yom Kippur war, Egypt and Jordan threaten Israel if it proceeds with ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip and attempts to relocate the 2.3 million Palestinians to the Sinai Peninsula.

Earlier, both Israel’s former deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, and Israel’s current foreign minister, Eli Cohen, talked about annexing parts of Gaza and relocating Palestinians to Sinai.

“At the end of this war, not only will Hamas no longer be in Gaza, but the territory of Gaza will also be reduced,” said the Israeli Foreign Minister.

Jordan’s foreign minister responded by saying, ” Any attempt by Israel to forcefully displace the Palestinians means war for Jordan.”

This is striking, given that Jordan has been one of the closest Arab states to Israel since they normalized relations in 1994.

The Yom Kippur War, or the Fourth Arab-Israeli War, which took place in October 1973, was the last of the series of Arab-Israeli wars. The war was fought from October 6 to 26, 1973, by a coalition of Arab states, under the leadership of Egypt and Syria against Israel.

The Egyptian president warned that evacuating Gaza residents would “drag” Egypt into war and added that displacing Palestinians would set an undesirable precedent.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned that his country would be dragged into war with Israel if Palestinians were evacuated to Egypt from the Gaza Strip and blamed the Israeli military for not opening the Rafah border crossing.

“The idea of ​​displacing the Palestinians in Sinai means dragging Egypt into a war against Israel ,” said the Egyptian president.

Israel is essentially asking Egypt to mutilate itself territorially by giving ground for the establishment of the future state of the Palestinians in Sinai.

And this is reason enough for a war in the region.